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May the Force be with YOU, the Vital Force that is!

My cursory introduction to homeopathy was during a visit to my husband's family in the early Spring of 1963, in Rheinfelden, Germany. My mother-in-law had a serious heart condition and would reach for her "heart remedy" when she experienced chest pains. The little "sugar pills" certainly did no discernible harm, but I wondered if they did any good either. Brunhilde had her own homeopathic doctor and when prescribed a remedy, she would visit the local pharmacy where the remedy would be freshly prepared for her. Brunhilde was active and alert until the age of 93 when she passed away of natural causes. She had been able to benefit from homeopathy her entire life. Her own body's vital force had been aided and complimented to such a degree with homeopathic remedies that her life was disease free, full and enjoyable.

My own personal experience with homeopathy began in 1986. I was terribly ill, my friends and family told me years later that they were certain I would die. I was in constant severe pain and my weight had dropped from 120 pounds to 82 pounds in less than six months. All the testing and visits to many allopathic doctors (as a Certified Medical Transcriptionist I was already "plugged into" the system), the diagnosis was that my illness was psychosomatic and nothing could be done. With no other path to follow, I turned to homeopathy. Homeopathy saved my life.

My purpose with this website and my homeopathynotes blog is to educate the health care consumer about homeopathy. I believe that the countries that accept homeopathy as an alternative, curative and cost-effective adjunct to allopathic medicine, with visits paid by their health insurance, is the main reason these countries can afford to keep health care costs low and their population more healthy while enjoying an improved quality of life.

In addition to much self-study of the homeopathic Materia Medicas and other homeopathic books, I was also fortunate enough to have transcribed and edited the 7 volume set of Dental Homeopathy by P.K. Parsons, DDS, CCH - a wonderful testimony to the wonders of homeopathy in the hands of a gifted homeopath! Some of his cases are highlighted on my blog under the Dental Homeopathy category. Be sure to read the case of the poisonous snake bite victim (under Unusual Cases) cured with a homeopathic remedy when allopathic medicine was most likely destined to fail.

If I can gently lead you to educate yourself about homeopathy, perhaps you can ultimately help yourself and others. Learn, teach and be well with homeopathy! Please share the information you find here and take a minute or two to visit my sponsors.

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